Reverse Phone Callers

How To File a Complaint with FTC

The following are instances where you should consider filing a complaint against a telemarketer.

If you:

Have been on the Do Not Call Registry for at least 31 days and are contacted by a telemarketer who is not exempt.

Receive a telemarketing call that you believe is a scam or is misleading. Are solicited to pay a fee to join the National Do Not Call Registry. Are not put on a company's internal do not call list after requesting to be. Have received a junk fax without having an existing business relationship with the sender.

You will need to compile as much information about the company as possible to include with your complaint: the company's phone number as transmitted through Caller ID or your fax machine, or provided verbally by the telemarketer, the name of the company, and date of the call or fax. If the telemarketer says it is calling on behalf of another company, you can ask for the name of the telemarketing company in addition to the name of the company on whose behalf they are calling. Read our Telemarketing Script for more details.

Do not forget to provide your phone number on the complaint, especially if you are listed on the National Registry. If you are complaining about a junk fax, be sure to provide your fax number on the complaint. Both the Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communications Commission can fine telemarketers up to $11,000 per violation.

Complaints may be made to Federal Trade Commission (FTC)